About UniverCITY


SFU has two childcare facilities with 11 different programs, both full and part time for children ages 3-12 years. SFU Childcare Society has two childcare has locations on the west side of SFU's campus, as well as the newest facility at Verdant in the Highlands residential neighborhood. Programs operate weekdays from 8:00am to 5:30pm with extended hours for school age children(7:30am to 6:00pm). People residing in the UniverCITY neighborhood, whether renters or owners, will have access to childcare. Acceptance into the program is based on availability. Please contact the centre as soon as possible to ensure priority registration. Contact the SFU Childcare Society at 604-291-4569.


Community Cards

Membership has it's benefits. All UniverCITY residents have the opportunity to sign up for a Community Card issued by the SFU Community Trust office. This membership card allows you to take advantage of special discounts and incentives offered by many merchants and campus facilities. Get a discount membership at SFU's state-of-the-art gym, or gain access to SFU's plethora of reading material at the Library.


The Cornerstone

The Cornerstone is UniverCITY's ever-growing shopping village. Highlights include a Dentist, an Eye Doctor, DVD rentals, Beauty Salon, delicious Indian Cuisine in a refined environment at the Himalayan Peak, and superb free trade coffees and home-cooked organic fare at Nature's Garden Organic Deli. A full service grocery store and many other new merchants are slotted for completion in late 2008. Click here for a comprehensive list of Cornerstone Merchants.


Culture & the Arts

Why spend your weekends anywhere else? SFU has a plethora of Cultural and Arts events right in your back yard.

Archaeology Museum:
Located in the Academic Quadrangle (AQ), the museam collects and displays artifacts from around the world, with specific emphasis on the North West Coast and ethnology of FIrst Nations of British Columbia. 604-291-3325 or http://www.sfu.museum/.

Art Gallery:
Located in the Academic Quadrangle (AQ), the Simon Fraser Gallery collects and exhibits works of art from the Pacific Rim countries with emphasis on Canada and British Columbia. 604-291-4266 or http://www.sfu.ca/artgallery/.

Lectures & Events:
SFU offers lectures and presentations on a variety of interesting topics throughout campus. Schedules are available in the SFU News or http://www.sfu.ca/news_events/index.html .

UniverCITY residents will receive a 50% discount on the cost of an annual membership to the SFU Library. The Library contains over 1,300,000 bound volumes and 16,000 current serial subscriptions. 604-291-4351 or http://www.lib.sfu.ca/


Recreational Services & Athletics

Gym Membership

UniverCity residents will receive a 20% discount on their gym membership at SFU's state-of-the-art gym which was newly built and opened in Summer 2007. Membership entitles residents to drop-in gym and pool times, fitness centre, Olympic weight room, east and west gymnasiums, squash, racquetball, tennis, outdoor courts, track and fields. For access to the Rec Services website, http://students.sfu.ca/recreation/.


Walking/Hiking & Mountain Biking
Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area & SFU have an extensive trail system, ranging from easy to challenging for walking, hiking and biking. Click here for a map of the trails.


Athletic Events
Take advantage of the close to home and well priced or free varsity sporting events. Enjoy cheering on the SFU Clan in basketball, vollyball, football, soccer, track and field, and aquatic sports. Click here for and updates schedule of athletic events.


Health Services operates a Physiotherapy Clinic that is located in the West Gymnasium that residents can access on a pay-as-you-go basis. 604-291-3284 or click here for The SFU Physio Website.


Rec Services also offers, at a cost, a variety of classes and programs including swimming lessons, fitness classes, raquet sports, intermural sports, and more. 604-291-4142 or Visit the Spring & Summer programs website.


Summer Camps
SFU has a very well known and popular Summer Day Camp Program in specific sports as well as aquatic, outdoor adventure, and min-University programs. Many of the programs are run by SFU undergrad and masters students who are varsity athletes, or plan to go in education once graduated. Click here for registration or more info on Summer Camps.


Schools (Elementary)

The City of Burnaby and the SFU Property Trust have eventual plans for an Elementary School in the Highlands neighborhood of UniverCITY. Until this school is up and running, students living in UniverCITY will be bused to Westridge (English) or Sperling (French), with an alternative option of Aubrey.


Aubrey 1075 Stratford Avenue, Burnaby 604-664-8595
Westridge 510 Duncan Avenue, Burnaby 604-6648878
Sperling 2200 Sperling Avenue, Burnaby 604-664-8836


Secondary School (Secondary)

Residents of UniverCITY will attend Burnaby Mountain Secondary. While there is not a school bus that takes the students directly to this school, the translink bus system from the SFU bus loop is a quick and direct trip down Gagarli.
Burnaby Mountain Secondary 8800 Eastlake Drive, Burnaby 604-664-8552



UniverCITY is built on four cornerstones of sustainability: environment, equity, economy, and education. For more info, please click here. Making these small changes to our every day living will provide a brighter future for everyone.



Car Co-op
A Car Co-op program is available to residents of UniverCITY by joining the Cooperative Auto Network (CAN) for a preferred fee. Reserved parking for Co-op cars are located in the Cornerstone building as well as each development in the Highlands neighborhood. Click here for more Car Co-op Info.

Bus service is currently available at several stops throughout campus with a direct shuttle to the Production Way skytrain station. Additional stops will be added as the neighborhood increases the number of residents. For transit trip planning, click here.

VanCITY sponsors the UniverCITY transit pass program, which can be purchased for $29.67 per month for an all-zone pass. For more info on transit, click here.